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DDO new solo possibilities E-mail
Wednesday, 07 June 2006
After a number of received complaints and negative reviews, Turbine has decided that its first move is to include solo possibilities into Dungeons and Dragons Online. To shorten also the first and less fun three levels the experience table will get some adjustment.

Experience Requirements
 Old RequirementNew Requirement
Level 100
Level 210,0005,000
Level 330,00020,000
Level 460,00050,000
Level 5100,00090,000
Level 6150,000140,000
Level 7210,000200,000
Level 8280,000270,000
Level 9360,000350,000
Level 10450,000440,000


As you can see even if looks like all the levels have been affected, ony two have been shortned.


It is importanto to note that only the Harbor has been adapted for solo play, the Waterworks, Irestone Inlet and the Kobold Assault dungeons will remain areas that require a team to conquer. The Solo difficulty setting will not be available in these areas. 

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