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Star Trek Online FAQ updated E-mail
Thursday, 08 June 2006
We finally had some more information abut the MMORPG that every Star Trek fan and not only them is waiting for. Enjoy this list of the most recent FAQ additions or read the complete FAQ at the official STO official website.

What area(s) of space will I be able to explore?
The primary gameplay area will be the Beta Quadrant, the section of the galaxy that includes territory of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans among others. Other areas of the Galaxy will be opened up via game expansions.

What races can I choose?
The following playable races are being considered: Vulcan, Bolian, Human, Andorian, Cardassian, Tellarite, Bajoran, Klingon, and Ferengi. However this list is not yet considered final.

What professions can I choose?
Star Trek Online offers a wide range of customization options. Players first pick a department: Science, Engineering, or Tactical. Each department offers several different specialties to choose from. Some of these specialties are primarily suited to shipboard activities, while other specialties are mainly used during away-team missions. Players may choose one of each type of specialty. For instance, a Science Officer might choose to be an Intelligence Specialist (which is primarily a shipboard role) and also a Medical Specialist (which is primarily an away-team role).

Customization is further increased thanks to the Leadership system. As players play the game, they may choose to forego some departmental training and instead learn to be a better leader. Leaders have different abilities, such as improved negotiation tactics, and leaders are also capable of becoming high-ranking officers. By mixing leadership abilities and department-specific abilities, each player can create a character that closely matches their play style.

Which time period or series does this game occur in?
The game's starting point is set some time following the latest movie (i.e. Star Trek Nemesis). However, there will be missions with storylines and characters from other parts of the Star Trek franchise.

Will there be an economy?
As in the series, an economy will be present and fully functional.

Where will players live?
Players will have personal crew quarters aboard a ship. The location of these quarters will change as players advance in the game.

Will I be able to explore the surface of planets?
Yes. Star Trek Online will enable Starfleet members to visit, explore, and engage in problem solving and combat on planets throughout the Galaxy.

Will I be able to travel and explore space?
Yes! Players will have considerable freedom to explore space and discover the unknown.
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