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AO Lost Eden Q&A E-mail
Monday, 12 June 2006
While waiting for next week smal client patch, here are some more informations about the Lost Eden expansion. Alien loot, research and new vehicles in this Q&A issue.

Alien Loot

The topic of what loot might be found in the new alien mothership missions was a popular topic this week, so first up we wanted to address the following types of question:

With new alien encounters within “Lost Eden”, will it be possible to loot AI armor bots as we see off of generals and admirals today?

Will the different viral bots (strong, supple, ECT.) drop on the alien mother ships? The game economy would go ballistic if that happen!

Will the new alien mother ship remove the utility of city raids? I mean with aliens mission ( mother ship) we will get xp, so it will be harder to get a full raid to far our bots/items etc.. Will something be changed to the city raids or mission wont give as much AXP then raids?

The loot tables in the alien missions will be all new, for new rewards, we didn’t want to damage the activity around the alien city missions. It is important that we still leave the incentives in place for the guild content as well. Whilst there might be some cross-over the new alien missions will provide a whole new set of items to look out for. We don’t want to remove the need for alien city raids, the new missions are seen as a way to address the players wishes to be able to able to access Alien content in addition to city content, and that’s what we are aiming for.


How high a percent of experience will players be able to donate to global research? Will we be able to set it at 100% so that we don't get personal exp at all?
Yes! If a player wants to dedicate all their earned XP/SK into research they are free to do so.

How will “the giving some percentage of your XP or SK” work on already 220 AI LVL 30 players? Since they can’t gain any XP/SK/ASP how can they benefit from the researches?
Maximum level players still earn the appropriate XP/SK it just doesn’t progress them any further, but system wise the XP etc is still there, 220 players will therefore be able to dedicate 100% of their SK/XP to research should they want to.

How will personal research differ from faction-wide research? Also, won't there be a point in which the faction/personal research will reach its endpoint?

Personal research allows the player to research new skills or bonuses that they personally get to use. Think of a researched style of perks, the key difference being that the new person abilities will be passive. One example of these new types of skills will be triggered abilities – on every attack (or attack on you depending on the type of skill) will have a % chance of triggering a special attack (or defensive buff if it’s a defensive skill)

The global research grants their faction access to upgrades to the various vehicles and equipment available in Lost Eden. Examples would be better guns for the mechanized walkers or base turrets.

Yes, there will potentially be an endpoint when a faction will have researched all available upgrades, we can of course add further upgrades if necessary beyond those in at the launch of the expansion.

New Vehicles and Controls

Will the mech combat operate using the game's regular combat style and battle scroll or will it use some new FPS style combat?
The new vehicles will use the standard combat mechanics found in the game today. There will of course be new tactics involved, but they will still use all the regular targeting and combat mechanics.

Can a level 1 character use mechs to fight against level 220 characters in mechs or are there level restrictions?
The normal PvP level restrictions will apply when in any of the new vehicles.


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