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Friday, 23 June 2006
The latest Anarchy Online version contains a serie of updates tweaking the situation after the political and military changes on Rubi-Ka introduced with the 16.2.6 patch.

Version 16.2.9

  • Omni-Tek forces in Borealis have been issued with orders not to fire first on any visitors to the city. ( Read More )
  • Unicorn Troops have moved to secure the large radar dish outside of Borealis. Clan players should note that these security details will still attack anyone who gets too close.
    • Maud Stevens has moved down the hill to keep clear of the Unicorn forces.
  • The Unionists have expanded their presence in 4 Holes ( Read More )
    • A Unionist Foreman is now stationed in the area. This NPC periodically casts an exp bonus buff to clan players in his vicinity. Opposing forces can kill him to gain their own exp buff and force him to despawn for a period of time, denying their opponents access to the buff.
    • Added some 100% ‘safe zone’ areas to 4 Holes
    • Moved the Grid entry point in 4 Holes
    • Made some visual improvements to the area
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