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Neocron 2 Retail Patch #157 E-mail
Wednesday, 14 June 2006
After a long wait Neocron 2 finally received Retail Patch #157. Some bug fixed, new special vehicles to use during events, new weapons mod and World Cup fever hitting the Neocron world.

Neocron 2 Retail Patch #157 patch notes 13/06/2006

Bug fixing
  • fixed broken item drop of Wisdom of Ceres Discs. The Wisdom of Ceres Mechanic labs will therefor being re-opened
  • fixed problem where NPCs despawned when being hit by single PSI-spells
  • fixed undamagable turrets. Turrets may be used again in Outpost fights
  • lowered skillevel of Anarchy Breed Harasser and Agressor from 85 to 60
  • fixed problems with german version of "Hunt for Crossbow" Quest
  • fixed wrong location description in Black Dragon Epic
  • fixed problems with "Call of the Hurlerking" Quest
  • fixed problems with Next Epic Mission #4
  • fixed problem with faction medals that turned into City Admin faction medals after being removed from the apartment wall
  • fixed problems with TL-10 heal modules

Game content
  • modified faction relations for the City Merc faction. CM is now friendly to Tangent Technologies and Tsunami Syndicate. Enemy to Diamond Real Estate and Black Dragon. More information about the story background can be obtained from our webzines Neocronicle News and Voice of the Resistance.
  • added 3 hacknet weapon mods sold by vendors, less powerful than Phoenix mods
  • added quest for obtaining the new Wisdom of Ceres Power Armors. Visit the Wisdom of Ceres Temple for more information
  • added two new versions of the DoY Hover Carrier with new textures. These vehicle are being used for in-game events.
  • added new type of Twilight Guardian guards. These Special Forces guards are being used for in-game events
  • added filter in the CityCom clan search (name and faction)
  • the world cup fever has reached Neocron. Look around the gameworld over the coming days
  • This patch also contains several exploit fixes which will not be mentioned explicitly for security reasons.
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