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Monday, 19 June 2006
With the last poll we asked our readers what part of their playing time they dedicate to Player versul Player combat. Well, it looks like people tend not to play PvP at all or spend most of the time doing it.
This seems to mean that PvP usually is not considered as "something else" you can do in your game, but it is more something like a completely different playing style.

This phenomena becomes more and more evident in MMORPGs today.
Look at EVE Online for example, where casual players cannot engage in PvP at all due to the high price of a loss. Or at Everquest 1 and 2, where PvP even if existent is relegated to only one server.
In Dark Age of Camelot the whole high level content is PvP based, and City of Heroes / Villains is slowly taking a similar direction.
We could say that the old dear Ultima Online is also confirming the rule. We might easly say than about one quarter of a server population plays on Felucca while the rest is shattered between Trammel and the other non PvP continents.
The biggest exceptions to this rule are World of Warcraft and Star Wars Galaxies. In both those games you can easly afford a combat loss, and the enemy can be encountered almost anywhere.
The exact question was: What part of you playing time do you dedicate to PvP?
These are the results: 
0%  38.5%
25%  19.2%
50%  3.8%
75%  26.9%
100%  11.5%






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