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UO Publish 41 operative E-mail
Friday, 30 June 2006
Many thanks to Jack'o'Lantern for reporting us that Publish 41 has been released on all the Ultima Online production shards. In the changes list there are also the new personal attendants NPCs.
Here is the full list.

  • Added Personal Attendants
  • Fixed a bug that was causing certain items that had been changed in the past to not fix themselves. This may have an affect on certain items such as the Aegis of Grace
  • The Aegis of Grace can now be equipped by humans
  • Fixed Elven Dressers facing south. These items were being placed in 2 sections
  • Imprisoned Dogs will no longer take items players accidentally drop on them
  • Imprisoned Dogs no longer change shape while stabled
  • Players will no longer get The Shattering book in their bank box

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