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UO: 15 Trillions of golds removed.... Or not? E-mail
Friday, 07 July 2006
UO decided to delete all the checks in the game with a value of more than one million gold because "these inflated checks have been used by exploiters to store extremely large amounts of gold. These checks have now been removed from the game.".
The official statement also adds that "This action has resulted in over 180 accounts being terminated and approximately 15 Trillion (15,000,000,000,000) gold pieces have been permanently removed from the game."

But after a few line we understand that the majority of this money has not really been deleted.
"We realize that some of checks for amounts over one million gold were created by players who did not intend to exploit or harm the game. The vast majority of these checks have been automatically replaced with separate checks equal to the total amount of the replaced check, which can be found in a brown bag where the original check was located. If the check was inside of a container, you will find the brown bag in the same location as that container. Please note that in some cases the brown bag will be underneath the container, so you will need to move the container to access the bag. If the check was in your backpack or in your bank box, the brown bag will be located in your bank box.

In some cases, this may cause your bank box or your house to hold more than their item limit. Don’t worry; the new checks are still safe! However, before you will be allowed to place anything more into your bank box or lock down an item in your house, you will have to remove enough items from your bank box or unlock enough items from your house to bring the total number of items below the item limit.

In rare cases where we could not safely convert these checks, the checks were automatically placed in a red secure container with the label, “Please contact a GM about this item.” These containers will not decay, so you may page a GM at your leisure to convert the checks. Please note: If these containers reside in a house, the house owner must be present."

We at OGRank still don't understand. They first talk about trillions removed from the game and accounts banned, then they add that it was just a joke and that the checks were just replaced?

Since they talk about trillions, and so about numbers, what are the real proportions and numbers? How many checks have been really removed, and how many just changed to smaller ones?

EA and Origin, thanks again for communicating in the most unclear possible way. Again.
Mantees de Tara Administrator 
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