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Monday, 03 July 2006
The latest EVE Online patch included some freighter changes, but some more will be coming. Here is what Kieron explained us in his Dev Blog.

The ECAID division of ISD, in conjunction with Freighter manufacturers, cargo expander manufacturers and some ship insurance providers, are in final testing of a new cargo containment control system.

The updated control software resolves a major issue with dispersion of containment fields upon the destruction of a freighter. Previously, these containment fields would implode upon collapse, thus crushing the cargo and rendering it unsalvagable. The new control software reverses the implosion of the containment fields, protecting cargo containers so they may be recovered.

Insurance companies and hauling corporations are heralding this as a major improvement to their profit margin. Said Aidan Black, CEO of Serenity Search, Salvage and Storage, "There have been a number of salvage ops where recovery was impossible due to containment field collapse. To me, hearing about a freighter getting popped has always been sad. All that lost revenue for recovery fees gone. This new software is going to improve my bottom line."

If the software upgrade meets all testing criteria, the upgrade will automatically be uploaded via Gal-Net on Tuesday.

If testing is successful, a hotfix will be applied on Tuesday, 04 July during DT and freighters will drop loot when destroyed. This is not a patch.
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