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Friday, 02 December 2005
The latest ATITD newsletter is informing us about the approaching gran finale of the game.

Citizens of Egypt,

 We're planning all sorts of fascinating and cool things in Egypt this weekend, including a preview of perhaps the most anticipated Test this Tale, two Tests that will be familiar to ATITD veterans, and a grand "Welcome Back" weekend. I hope to see everyone online.

 The grand finale Test in our Tale is almost ready. I say "grand finale" because the Test of Dancing Waters is now the most elaborate Test in the game. When Sigil, Pharaoh's Oracle of Art and Music designed the Test it was one of basins and nozzles flowing into each other. At last year's Player gathering more details were brainstormed: what if fountains (nozzles) could fill basins from a distance, turning on when the basin got full, and turning off when empty? What about different nozzle designs that impart color to the spray of water? What if different nozzles could synchronize with each other? All of these made it into the final Test design, and so much more...

 A "fountain" is an arrangement of basins - currently there are four different designs of varying sizes and looks. A basin contains one or more nozzles. A nozzle draws its water from its basin, but can spray into multiple basins in an oscillating pattern. In addition to where a nozzle is
pointing at a given time, the height, width, and depth of the spray can be controlled, as well as how the nozzle transitions through the keyframe.
Nozzles come in many varieties - some that look like the spray from a fire hose, some that have an airy, misty look and feel, some like a spring rain.

 On Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST (GMT-0500) we'll have the first of several demos of the Test of Dancing Waters. You'll have a chance to watch, to run under the spray, and even to try your hand at designing these beautiful animated fountains.

 Then Saturday evening, at 8:00PM EST (GMT-0500) The Stranger will address Egypt, and introduce his next two challenges. Be online to learn the details.

 All weekend long (beginning Friday at Noon) we'll have one of our "Welcome Back" events. All previous accounts will be open - log in to catch up with old friends, enjoy the beauty created by top disciples of Art and Music, and join the festivities at the Dancing Waters demos.

On the Nile,
Teppy (Pharaoh)

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 Official IRC chat channel: port 6667 channel #ATITD
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