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Toontown at Discounted Rate E-mail
Friday, 09 December 2005
Diring the holydays it is possible to buy Toontown at a very low price. Read more for details.

Just in Time for the Holidays!

For a limited time, Sony Online Entertainment is offering its subscribers Disney's Toontown Online at a discounted rate! All you have to do is visit the Station Store and you can purchase your very own copy of this award winning game for just $15.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling! With your purchase, you will receive the game, two months of free game time, a special welcome poster, plus a virtual in-game kart racer! This free in-game item will allow you to hit the tracks and take advantage of one of Toontown's newest and coolest features... kart racing at The Goofy Speedway!


About Toontown Online:

Team up with thousands of Toons pranking their way to fun and excitement in Disney's Toontown Online. Designed specifically for kids and families, Toontown is an award-winning multiplayer online game filled with non-stop play, ever-changing adventure and irreverent fun. It is a vast online world where you live the life of a cartoon character (Toon). Create your own Toon, explore amazing lands, and join forces with other Toons to save Toontown from the evil robot Cogs... The best part is it's always growing, always changing, and is as wild as your imagination!

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