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Monday, 24 July 2006
The two new incoming player races will give World of Warcraft players the possibility to roll out a character with a class they couldn't use before: horde blood elves will have the possibility to be paladins while alliance draenei have been granted the chance to start as shamans.

The official World of Warcraft website now has also a new information page about available class combinations .

Another nice information page we suggest you to visit is the one about the Nether Drakes, one of the future flying mounts available.
"With flying mounts, players will be able to take to the skies, to soar among the crimson clouds of Hellfire Peninsula or watch as Nagrand's sea of grass swaying in the breeze far below as they make their way to new lands. Players will have full control over their flying mounts, allowing them to roam the skies and freely explore all regions of Outland. In fact, certain areas of Outland will only be accessible by air, as some parts of the ruined world are floating out in the void, unreachable except by those who command one of Outland's flying creatures.

A few of these "unlockable" areas are actually located near some of the lower-level regions of Outland; a player's journey will take them through the Dark Portal to the very ends of Outland and finally back to where they started, thus completing the circle – but now they will be able to access regions that were previously only viewable from a distance. Some dungeons also feature wings that can't be reached without a flying mount, and this should provide players with a profound sense of advancement after having gained considerable experience, new abilities, and powerful weapons and armor. In a way, the flying mount represents the most tangible accomplishment of a character's progress up to level 70, but it also serves as a key to the content that awaits players beyond the maximum level."

Source: Nether Drakes @ World of Warcraft 

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