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EVE Online patch notes for Dragon bug fixes E-mail
Friday, 01 September 2006
Dragon Code Branch Patch Notes


  • An issue with corp manufacturing processes has been resolved.
  • The market in Tash-Murkon region now starts up correctly after DT.
  • The Market will no longer reopen when you next undergo a session change (ie, dock, undock, jump) if you used the market button on the Neocom to toggle the market closed.
  • An issue which prevented the packaging of ships manufactured in a ship assembly array also prevented the launch of ships from corporation hangars and assembly arrays. Both issues have been resolved.
  • The missing warping sound effect has returned.
  • Characters in NPC corps will no longer have a list of "Untitled 1, Untitled 2" etc. in their show info.
  • Escrow will correctly display Blueprint copies as copies and blueprint originals as originals.
  • A number of server side fixes to improve the startup and resolve the issues that occured after the Dragon update have been made via previous hotfixes.
  • The default 'warp to' distance is once again configurable.
  • Locking on a ship while it is cloaking no longer breaks the cloak cycle.


  • The jump queue for systems will only occur if the system in question is on a node using 95% or more CPU. This has previously been hotfixed on TQ.
  • Bookmark copying is now limited to 5 bookmarks at a time. Attempting to copy more than 5 bookmarks will result in only 5 being copied.
  • A number of agents have items they need transported and will be offering compensation for hauling these goods. (A number of courier missions will be returning).
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