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Friday, 01 September 2006
Patch Notes for Dragon Release 4557


  • An error occurring when trying to warp after ship destruction has been fixed. This error did not affect warping, but did show up in logs.
  • An error where if a capital ship's ship maintenance bay or corp. hanger bay was open when the ship was destroyed, they would remain open has been fixed.


  • The show info panels of some drone modules had redundant or outdated attributes on them. These have been cleaned up.
  • Cynosural field naming has been corrected

Skills and Implants

  • A rare error involving implants and jump clones has been resolved

Player Owned Structures

  • Fixed an error where assembly arrays would keep building after the control tower was destroyed.
  • Fixed a display error when setting starbase sentry aggression standings


  • Corrected the display of brackets on NPC's so that the correct color is shown based on their actions. Sometimes the brackets would remain yellow even though they were firing on you. This ONLY applied to NPC's


  • An error in the new player tutorial involving the back button has been fixed.
  • An error where proceeding from "Lock/Unlock" tutorial without unlocking the target results in the chat window appearing, but Aura's resulting error criteria remaining active has been fixed.


  • Office lists in stations are now ordered alphabetically
  • The "to hanger and refine" option will now correctly send the leftovers to the same location as the refined material
  • Fixed a text overflow problem with long station names

Science & Industry Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed the Science and Industry window to correctly display blueprints regardless of whether they have been used or not
  • The range filter in the Science and Industry Get Jobs panel now works correctly

Market and Market Interface

  • The market price history has been corrected to show the date range selected. Sometimes the data did not cover the entire range

Player Created Missions and Escrow

  • When creating a courier mission, the textboxes have been given better spacing to allow for readability

Agent and Mission Improvements & Fixes

  • Many missions have been retired as they use code that is now obsolete. This includes almost all the courier missions.
  • Improved the reply given by agents you have too low standing to use
  • Fixed a rare error "deactivating" deadspace acceleration gates in certain circumstances

Chat Fixes & Improvements

  • Resizing the chat window will no longer cause the text within it to overlap
  • Fixed the cursor focus when pasting into a chat channel
  • An error occurring when people talk in a minimized chat window has been fixed

User Interface

  • A "set as first waypoint" option when right clicking stargates has been added.
  • The UI has been translated into German. Note that this is the UI only, and not the content such as mission texts, item descriptions and the like.
  • Fixed a display error occurring with the jukebox track names.
  • Fixed an error occurring when trying to change the display slot of an active module
  • Fixed a display error on the Kill Rights tab
  • Corrected the display of some texts on the system menu when the font is set to expanded
  • Fixed an error with using the "show note" option in chatlinks that was causing notes to be deleted
  • Corrected a small bug with items displaying the correct icon
  • An error allowing malformed bio's to break the client has been fixed
  • Column sorting on closed votes in the corp. panel has been improved
  • Fixed a rare error occurring when updating a corp. member’s roles
  • An error occurring when trying to use the system scanner at the same time as scan probes has been fixed.
  • The visibility of star colors has been improved on the world map when using various filters
  • When using the "show solar system in map browser" option is used, it should no longer load the current system first

IGB Fixes

  • Fixed an error where the IGB would report an incorrect address if it could not find the page (html 404 error)
  • Fixed an error with the "Trust" prompt in the IGB
  • The submit button for forms used on the IGB is no longer case sensitive

EVE Mail

  • The sound is now correctly played when you receive evemail


  • Windows 98/ME is no longer supported.
  • Windows 2000 requires at least Service Pack 2.
  • The codebase updated to support unicode.
  • Numerous other optimizations and fixes were made as almost every part of the code was visited and updated during the unicode process.
  • Fixed the usage of certain characters when naming bookmarks, e.g. >
  • An error occurring when trying to open a locked secure container without typing in a password has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the eve client resetting the keyboard/language configuration within the game
  • Improved the performance of the aggression flagging when stealing from another player’s jetcan
  • Although the client reports you as #1 in the queue, the login queuing system is deactivated and has no effect.
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