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Friday, 01 September 2006
Bloodlines Patch Notes

Fixes, Changes and Improvements


  • Shuttle icons now display the proper racial backgrounds.
  • Undocking a capital ship with an assembled ship in the ship maintenance bay no longer causes stuck conditions.
  • Capital ship corporation hangars are properly displayed when docked.
  • The signature radius of Assault ships have been increased so they are balanced with the TL1 ships they are based on, and not Interceptors.

Weapons and Drones

  • Drones will no longer auto-target gang or corp members if that member has been aggressively flagged to you recently.
  • An exploit involving drones has been resolved. This involved EW drones causing ships to be permenantly jammed in certain situations.
  • Fighters delegated have been modified to display sub-menu's if there are more than 20 members of a gang.
  • The capacitor need of all projectile turrets has been removed.
  • The capacitor need of blasters has been reduced by 30% and the CPU need has been reduced by 15%.
  • The power grid need of all heavy neutron blasters has been decreased by 10%.
  • The base damage inflicted by 1200mm, 650mm and 250mm artillery has been increased by 10%.
  • The explosion radius of Precision Cruise Missiles has changed to 200m and their base damage inflicted is now 260 points.
  • The explosion radius of Precision Heavy Missiles has been increased to 75m and damage reduced to 135 hp.
  • The Velocity penalty of Light Precision Missiles has been reduced to 7.5%.
  • Tachyon beam damage multiplier increased by about 4%.

Player Owned Structures

  • POS sentry standing settings will display small negative values properly.
  • Control Towers will no longer break if anchoring, unanchoring or bringing online completed during a downtime.
  • Corporate hanger arrays are properly capped at 200k.


  • T2 ship manufacturing uses only repackaged ships. Occassionally, building T2 ships would use an assembled T1 ship, resulting in the loss of the modules fitted (if any).


  • Links stored in the notepad will no longer cause errors.
  • Various minor chat channel and IGB fixes have been made, including:
    • Chat channels are now correctly saved when exiting the client, and reopen correctly on logon.
    • Characters that would appear as HTML text after a cut/copy and paste now appear as normal.
    • Decreasing the size of a chat window no longer causes existing text to overlap.
    • "EVE System" is now its proper red color and double clicking on the system name will open a 'Show Info' window for the system.
    • The IGB has been optimized and now parses pages faster.
    • Text inputs that exceed the specified field size will show the beginning of the text, not the end.
    • A partial fix for pages with a large number of errors has been made. These pages will render more smoothly, but there is still the possibility of a client lock while the page loads.
    • A rare issue with 302 redirects has been resolved.
    • Pre-selected Checkboxes in a table that are unselected will no longer be submitted.
  • The client no longer crashes when rendering some Jin-Mei male portraits.
  • Quitting the tutorial with an Achura character will no longer cause an Overview error.
  • Added a Reimbursement category in petitions
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