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EVE Online patch notes for Exodus improvements E-mail
Friday, 01 September 2006

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Error preventing gang warping to various bookmarks has been fixed.
  • Fixed the 14 day trial message displaying as error message, preventing login.
  • Fixed a number of missions, Marines were not loaded into mission personnel transports. Also the "Unauthorized Military Presence” and "Pirate Business” were fixed.
  • Resolved a display issue where too long an escrow description caused prices not to be displayed.
  • Courier missions between stations in the same system should work properly.
  • Extra post-warp movement should no longer occur in circumstances where there was excessive jitter.
  • Buy orders with minimum volume set to greater than 1 should display properly on the market.
  • Fixes to Titles in Corp management/Role management has been made.
  • A number of optimizations were made to intra-cluster protocols addressing increased CPU usage and general lag.
  • Fixed mysterious disconnects related to certain Market usage.
  • Scooping mining drones while they are mining no longer causes errors. Explosion effects were added to drones.
  • Various fixes to the Overview where certain usage was causing display errors.
  • Fix to submenus that didn't close when their parent entry is deselected.
  • When using Notepad, the format should save properly.
  • IGB default page was different from the default 'home page'.
  • Client start-up issues caused by too many notes in Notepad should no longer occur.
  • There should not be any more issues with the corporation management interface.
  • Some automatic agent bookmark names have been changed.
  • Ship combat effects should now display correctly.
  • Castor Ship UI Readout function has now been ported over to Exodus.
  • Newbie training missions jumps are now included in the map cache.
  • The size of the corporation panel when opened for the first time has been increased.
  • Clicking on charactericon in EVEmail inbox render the character thumbnail properly.
  • Station menus (Fitting, Repair etc.) are always BENEATH other windows that are opened except Market. Market is no longer considered a station service as it is accessible from space.
  • Optimized server code to stop using "wholesale memory mapping" of .stuff files and use "fine-grained mapping" instead. This eases virtual memory congestion in the process space.
  • Decreased the sensitivity of the chat spam detection code.
  • Changed Corporation title in character selection, it's now displayed with a smaller font under the character name .
  • "Show Beacon" is now on by default in the Overview window.
  • "Sell this item" dialog should now text wrap.
  • The first locked target now becomes a selected item by default if a target is not manually selected.
  • Fitting now displays correct CPU usage.
  • The legality tab on contraband info window should no longer usurp the attributes tab.
  • It is no longer possible to set bookmarked stations as autopilot destinations.
  • Mission bookmarks are now supplied when you accept a mission, not when the mission is offered.
  • An error in the People and Places window caused by right clicking on the 'Agent Missions' bookmark folder and then 'Open Group Window' has been resolved.
  • Warp-to an agent mission dungeon was displaying incorrect distances from the beacon.. This has been resolved
  • The Global chat channel has been closed. Constellation and Region may be opened, but are not open by default.
  • Market view now refreshes to reflect recent changes.
  • The Procurement skill has been fixed.
  • A possible fix to portraits not rendering due to a device lost situation has been applied. Errors caused by incorrect rendering should no longer create excessive CPU load or cause CTDs.
  • The Corporation window ‘Role Management’ scroll bug should no longer occur when viewing more than 25 members.
  • Using Alt-Enter should no longer change client resolutions.


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