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EVE Online patch notes build 1058 E-mail
Friday, 01 September 2006

Improvements, 1054 - 1058

Station Services

  • Anti warp scrambler AKA warp core stabilizer is now available on the market
  • Clone contract in medical service now allows clone type to be picked
  • Advanced Clones are being introduced. Check the medical service to rent yourself a better clone. They come in handy when your character dies. Having a better clone lessens the skill penalty your character suffers upon death.

In Space

  • The bookmark option has been renamed to "keep location". This was implemented earlier, but not mentioned in the patch notes, and we apologize for that.

Modules and Charges

  • Anti warp scrambler AKA warp core stabilizer is now available on the market


  • Pirate rare drop projectile weapons get updated with the changes done to projectile weapons

Bug Fixes, 1054 - 1058

  • Fixes to some of the stuck character problems that have been happening frequently during the past few days. One of them had to do with password-protected channels. There is also now a code to break session deadlocks involving machoTimeOut in client<->server<->server calls and node deaths (this was a source for some of the stuck character issues).
  • A few bugs with the map have been fixed as well, for example one that has to do with security status updating incorrectly.
  • Corporation recruitment acknowledgement is always sent by the CEO
  • A GM command was fixed (/unload)
  • Error in can quit
  • Error popup after reading news
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