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Friday, 01 September 2006
If you are interested in EVE Online game mechanics and want something to read, we strongly suggest you to the 0.0 Experiment blog.
The first post of the blog explains what it is about: "I have been playing on my main character for a month now, and have been spending my time mining Kernite in 0.7 space (a thrilling and high octane activity indeed) and by trading by filling NPC orders on the market. (even more heart-stoppingly exciting!)

So I decided it was time to try something different, as a wild and crazy experiment:

The Experiment

To create a brand new character (INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE), fund him with a starting balance of 1 million isk and send him immediately to a random place deep in 0.0 space. Once he gets into 0.0 and sets a clone there he is NOT ALLOWED to go into any system higher than 0.4 security, ever again. My other character has never been lower than a brief trip into 0.2 to check out an asteroid field, so this is a completely new experience for me.

We can only wish good luck to INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE.
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