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The Serpent's Spine brings fresh air to EverQuest E-mail
Wednesday, 06 September 2006
Is EverQuest going to die? Zonk, the current editor of Slashdot Games, togheter with Travis McGeathy of Gametab don't think so. Checking out what the expansion The Serpent's Spine brought to the game they seems to feel like the game has been resurrected.


"What makes them special" - Zonk says - "isn't the technology, the graphics, the press, the number of people playing, or the number of hours you've played. What makes them special is the way that we play them: together. A reality where a 40 year old housewife and a 16 year old schoolkid hook up with a 30-something programmer to slay a dragon is unique. For ignoring market pressures and staying true to the ideals of the genre, I can't help but salute a company that's willing to make sure that reality stays fresh even for people that aren't paying it anymore."

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