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Halfling Hodgepodge E-mail
Monday, 18 September 2006
Directly from the EverQuest players portal: "As the weather start cooling down, the Hodgepodge starts to heat up.  Check out these toasty tidbits!".

Vahlar talks about lore in The Serpen't Spine.  Join in the conversation here.

Rashere announces another change to the general game coming with the launch of The Serpent's Spine and the update next Tuesday.  To read about AI aggro behavior changes read his announcement.  If you haven't already read about the other changes you can check them out as well in General changes and Downtime changes.

Imagine, if you will, that historical figures in EverQuest were real, live, sentient beings.  If you were permitted to meet one EQ Historical Figure in real life and ask them one question, who would you wish to meet, why would that Historical Figure be the one you wanted to meet and what would you ask them? Join this discussion in Ky's Chatter Box.

What would you do if faced with this situation?  You are walking alone through a wooded forest and exit into a clearing only to find yourself toe to claw with a large dragon. You know that there is no way you can fight the dragon yourself.  You look up at the dragon and....  Share your creative thoughts in this week's Creative Writing thread.

Don't forget to read John Smedley's latest blog entry called Dear Michael Pachter.  If you have thoughts about this blog you'd like to share come post them here.

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