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Publish 30 to Test Shard E-mail
Wednesday, 07 December 2005
Publish 38 has been deployed to the TC1 Pub38 test shard. There is very little, as usual for a UO Patch...
  • Siege PBD fix (Use TC2 to test this)
    • Players can now Siege Bless 1 item. Use the player’s context menu to do this.
    • Clothing with properties has been unblessed
  • PVP Bandage Fixes
    • 35 damage cap for direct damage
    • Word of Death now uses Chaos damage
    • All stats have been capped at 150
  • Name and Gender Change Tokens
  • Christmas Trees can be placed

Primary Bug Fixes:
  • Vendor Rentals now display the proper time remaining
  • Player’s corpses now teleport out of a peerless dungeon when players are kicked out after defeating a Peerless boss
  • Weight no longer remains if gold is in 2 piles when tithed
  • Plant resources now stack automatically
  • Corpses of creatures that were flying at the time of death can now be looted
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