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Personal Bless Deeds on Siege and Mugen E-mail
Wednesday, 21 December 2005
I remember that, maybe more that one year ago, players from the hardcore Ultima Online servers, Siege Perilous and Mugen were asking for some changes on the Personal Blees Deeds. That moment has finally arrived Surprised. Read more for the complete and updated list of Publish 38 changes.
  • Siege/Mugen PBD fix
    • Players on the Siege Perilous and Mugen shards can now bless 1 item. Use the player’s context menu to do this. All other shards are unaffected by this change.
    • Clothing with properties has been unblessed
  • Combat changes
    • 35 damage cap for direct damage for PvP (no cap for PvM)
    • Word of Death now uses Chaos damage
    • All stats have been capped at 150
  • Name and Gender Change Tokens
  • Christmas Trees can be placed
  • Holiday Gift Boxes
    • Holiday Tree Deed- Will offer 2 different types of trees
    • Named Reindeer and Sleighs - These will feature the names of UO Team members (double-click to see the names)
    • Snow Globe - Will have different places than previous years
    • Soulstone Fragment - Because you simply can't get enough of these
  • Players are no longer able to trade blessed items (this affects all shards)
  • New Quests - BNN - Meanings
Primary Bug Fixes:
  • Vendor Rentals now display the proper time remaining
  • Player’s corpses now teleport out of a peerless dungeon when players are kicked out after defeating a Peerless boss
  • Weight no longer remains if gold is in 2 piles when tithed
  • Plant resources now stack automatically
  • Corpses of creatures that were flying at the time of death can now be looted
  • Fixed a client crash involving character transfer
  • Fixed a potential shard crashing bug
  • Peerless Boss teleport items used in the wrong facet no longer take players to a bad location in certain cases
  • Fruit bowls can no longer be consumed if a player is full
  • Added the ability for the Dev team to create chain quests that are either repeatable or non-repeatable
  • Players can no longer get stuck in a state where they can’t fish anymore because they tried to fish while overweight
  • Players can now only open one quest gump at a time plus their quest log
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