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Monday, 18 September 2006
One of the many new features that the Lost Eden expansion will bring to Anarchy online are the Battlestations. More informations on what Battlestations are and how they work in this seventh lost Eden Questions and Answer.

Lost Eden Q&A #7

This week we take another selection of questions from players on the expansion features!

How will the battlestations actually work gameplay wise, what will we be fighting over?

The battlestations allow players to fight for control over them in battles until one side meets the victory conditions. The battlestation is composed of a central hub area with three wings leading off from that central area. The hub and each of these wings each contain a control point. Holding these control points adds a number of victory points to your sides total until a pre-defined victory total is reached.

These points tick up every few minutes (we will balance the speed of these ticks during beta testing). The first side to reach the victory total win the battle and recieve their reward.

How big is the Battlestation?

The battlestation is very big! Its a very large space with lots of scope for different tactics and movement. There are teleport points as well though that will make sure you can jump to the action rather then spending too much time just running around!

Will you be able to respawn on the battlestations or will it be like the alien playfields where if you die you have to wait till next time?

Yes you will be able to respawn on the Battlestation. When you enter your save point will temporarily be set to respawn you on the battlestation. You will be able to stay aboard until the current battle you are taking part in is over.

Will we be able to use the new mechs in the Battlestation?

Yes! There will be a vehicle hanger type area where players can summon a mech to use on the battlestation if they want to.

What is the reward for winning the battlestation encounters?

You will recieve special battle points that can then be used to buy new armor and weapons from special vendors.

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