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Monday, 25 September 2006
The 16.4 Update for Anarchy Online will consist in a "major revamping of how the game renders textures, graphics and animations". It will be released in small branches during the next two months, at the end of which the result will be a serious improvement in the game graphics.

16.4 Preliminary Update Notes

The 16.4 Update will be slightly different to the usual content updates. With 16.4 we have undertaken a major revamping of how the game renders textures, graphics and animations.

Whilst these update notes are short, there is a lot involved in these changes and it affects pretty much everything that happens in game., we wanted to separate these changes from the additional content we had scheduled for this update so that we can ensure that we can test these changes in isolation.

Therefore the 16.4 Update will come in stages over the next couple of months. This will be split into the following broad categories.

16.4.0 Game Engine Changes

  • Optimized resource loading.

  • Improved animation system

    • Client should suffer from less stuttering as you move

    • Client should suffer from less jerky animations and blend animations better.

Once 16.4 is released to the live dimensions and stable we will then release the planned content additions for 16.4. This update sees Scheol getting the same kind of quest upgrades that have been seen in Nascense, Elysium and Inferno

Character Transfer

During the course of the 16.4 update series we are also going to be testing a new character transfer system. This is being tested in order to evaluate the potential of offering this as a.paid service that will allow players to transfer between dimensions for a fee.

What it also means though is that we will have the technology to copy characters from live to test live for testing purposes. This should allow more people to aid in the testing process on the test live dimension if they would like to.

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