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Monday, 25 September 2006
World of Warcraft, 25th September 2006. Players are opening GM tickets to complain about the one hour long queues to enter the game only to get an answer very similar to "We are aware of the problem. Rest assured that we are doing our best to solve it as fast as possible. Anything else I can help you with?"


The last time we spoke about WOW server problems and queues on OGRank was the 13th of january 2006 and things doesn't seems to be going much better, even if nine months passed and the overall server population hasn't grown enough to justify those problems.

Crushridge this evening.

Players sadly know very well that a queue of 689 people is not going to be resolved in just 44 minutes, it will take at least the double of that to enter the game tonight.

Saying the truth queues slowly disappeared on most servers time ago, thanks to Blizzard offering free character transfers from high populated server to less populated ones. But later the same Blizzard has opened the paid character transfer services and started to let the people migrate back to their original servers to meet again with their friends, but this time paying.

Server Status page

As we all can see from the server status page, the Crushridge players are in good company. While I am writing this article 41 of the european servers are in Queue state and tens of thousands players will have to wait this evening to enter the game. Tens of thousands of people with only one weapon in their hands.

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