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Monday, 30 October 2006
EverQuest 2 announced that the Halloween celebrations have started with the Nights of the Dead live event. The Nights of the Dead will go on until Game Update #29 goes live.

Nights of the Dead!

All across Norrath, the people of the land will celebrate the Nights of the Dead! There are a bunch of things you can do to get in the spirit. There is Trick-or-Treating for those who like winning masks. There is a Haunted House for those looking for a bit of a scare. You can even pick up some goodies for your house to decorate it for the Nights of the Dead!

So, you are looking for the Nights of the Dead goods. All you have to do is talk to the Gigglegibber Scalper for all your Nights of the Dead needs! This is the goblin who sells tickets for the haunted house.  Word has it these tickets are 5 Silver, but the goblin will let you in for free, or so he says. We all know from our dealings with goblins, nothing is really free…

For completing the Haunted House, you can get an arrow mask, a skeleton mask, and a bone trophy!

If you happen to be looking to decorate your house, here is a list of the decorations you can purchase from your local Gigglegibber Scalper:

green and black candles
orange and black candles          
a pumpkin
a sad jack-o-lantern
an angry jack-o-lantern
a chained bat
a bone fixture

If you enjoy Trick-or-Treating, try your luck to win a mask! You might win any of the following:

Goblin mask
Cat mask
Black mask
Hatchet mask  
Amygdalan mask
Nightblood mask

If you are looking for some tips on how to become an expert at Trick-or-Treating stop by Amana’s thread “Halloween Trick-or-Treat tips”.

You can also find Halloween activities going on in the EverQuest II Forums!

Halloween Activities

EverQuest II Carves a Pumpkin
Community Pumpkin Carving Challenge

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