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DISCUSS: EVE Online Development cycle E-mail
Monday, 30 October 2006
I have a strange love/hate relationship with EVE Online . The game concept amazes me, but to be honest the time spent in game is not always fun as much as the game is fascinating.
The way the economy works is - for me - the main reason to play. Not really because I like to spend hours playing the market, but because the simple fact that such a thing "is there" makes me want more EVE.

Every now and then I reactivate my account willing to play a little more. So I buy another month, re-insure my ship, run a couple of missions, set a skill and finally let the account die one more time.
Sad but true, often when I reactivate EVE it is more the ISKs that I spend insuring than the ones I gain in the few things I do.
Who knows, maybe that's one of the reasons why I never reached 300 millions even with 12M skill points Smile

One of the main reasons that make me stop playing is that, in my opinion, EVE Online is not updated as much as other MMORPGs are.
When was the last patch actually introducing new content introduced? It was the Dragon Patch , which at the end, if you see, the only new real thing that added was the new subraces. Before that one we had Bloodlines , but that was more than one year ago.

So we had one year with little more than new faces to use for character portraits.
No one else feels like this is not good for the game?

Yes of course, Kali is coming, but can we really wait one full year for some new features? And we also know that when we will finally receive it, we will get only a part of it. For Faction Warfare and other promised things we will have to wait more. Again.

All the other big MMORPGs out there deliver much more new content and many new possibilities in the short and in the long term, and many small MMORPGs also do the same.
Yes, you could say that in EVE "the real content" are the other players because of the PvP centric game, but this doesn't justify a lack of updating from the Developer.


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