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Etherea: Dark Genesis
ToonTown works on Mac E-mail
Tuesday, 07 November 2006
The "ToonTown on Mac" testing phase is almost at the end and the official game support for the Apple platform is going to be announced very soon.
Read it by yourself in the latest patch notes from the Test Server.

Attention Test Toons!

Lets give an big enToonsiastic welcome to Mac users as we invite them to join our cause against the Cogs! Toons of the World Unite!!

  • Fixed missing mini "Donald-In-The-Box" from shop window display on Silly Street.
  • Fixed crash which happens when you teleport to another Toon on the same area.
  • Fixed crash that occurs when you call another Toon for help while in Battle.
  • Fixed crash caused by shopping in the Cattlelog with a full Attic or Closet.
  • Fixed crash that happens when SkeleCogs appear.
  • Fixed problem with inverted screenshots.
  • Fixed the celebration fanfare when your Toon achieves a top level gag.
  • Fixed a problem Toons had with picking a Gag Tree while your gag inventory was full. It used to result in your Toon losing the gag off the tree, but now you won't be able to pick from a Tree (nor remove the tree) when your inventory is full.


These issues will be resolved in the next release.
  • You will still crash if you look at your Cattlelog and logout of the game back to Pick-A-Toon screen.
  • You will crash going to the Mint in CashbotHQ.
  • You will crash going down the elevators of the LawbotHQ DA's Office.
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