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Etherea: Dark Genesis
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Tuesday, 07 November 2006
In order to improve wealth balance between low level and high level players, todays Dofus patch will change the amount of Kamas you will find as loot at the end of the combat. Here is the complete changelog.


07/11/06 Dofus update
  • Reduction of the Blue Spimush Water resistance
  • Reduction of the Brown Spimush Earth resistance
  • Reduction of the Green Spimush Wind resistance
  • The "Mama Koalak" no longer summons the "Drakoalak"
  • Monsters don't move to a square occupied by a player
  • Characteritics of Touchparak have been lowered and the amount of experience earned at the end of the fight has been raised
  • Amount of experience given at the end of a fight by Zilla has been raised
  • The range of the spell 'Unbewitchment' of the collector has been lowered from 8 to 7 at level 3, from 10 to 8 at level 4 and from 12 to 9 at level 5
  • The number of turns between two casts has been raised from 0 to 4
  • The 'Dancing Sword' of the Sacriers attacks its caster again
  • The starting map of the Firefoux dungeon now counts 8 starting cells for the players (previously set to 7)
  • The map of the 4th room of the Firefoux dungeon now counts 8 starting cells for the players (previously set to 7)

In order to improve the wealth balance between low level players and high level players, the Kamas generated at the end of the fight will be modified in this update and in the upcoming updates.

Monsters with a growing number of Kamas generated at the end of the fight

  • White Gobbly
  • Black Gobbly
  • Mush Mush
  • Blue Larva
  • Orange Larva
  • Green Larva
  • Moskito
  • Evil Dandelion
  • Demonic Rose
  • Dark Rose
  • Famished Sunflower
  • Wild Sunflower
  • Tofu
  • Bwork
  • Bwork Archer
  • Crackrock
  • Boar
  • Arachnee
  • Aggressive Arachnee
  • Sick Arachnee
  • Blue Jelly
  • Mint Jelly
  • Miliboowolf
  • Air Flying Spark
  • Water Flying Spark
  • Fire Flying Spark
  • Earth Flying Spark
  • White Scaraleaf
  • Blue Scaraleaf
  • Immature Scaraleaf
  • Black Scaraleaf
  • Red Scaraleaf
  • Green Scaraleaf
  • Crow
  • Wild Almond Dragoturkey
  • Wild Gold Dragoturkey
  • Wild Ginger Dragotukey
  • Blue Spimush
  • Brown Spimush
  • Red Spimush
  • Green Spimush
  • Chafer
  • Oni
  • Crab
  • Sick Milidisewersting Rat
  • Sick Disewersting Rat
  • Blue Piwi
  • Yellow Piwi
  • Pink Piwi
  • Red Piwi
  • Green Piwi
  • Purple Piwi

Monsters with a decreasing number of Kamas generated at the end of the fight

  • Kanniball Jav
  • Kanniball Sarbak
  • Kanniball Thierry
  • Kanniball Archer
  • Chouque
  • Kokoko
  • Kitsou Nufeu
  • Touchparak
  • Drunk Pandalette
  • Pandikaze
  • Bambooto
  • Holy Bambooto
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