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EverQuest II: Butcherblock and the Return of Gods E-mail
Friday, 17 November 2006
Two new interesting articles ion the EverQuest II official website gives us some insight on some of the newest addition to this MMORPG.
The first of these articles, named Blessings and Miracle , explains how the return of the gods is changing the land of Norrath and the life of every adventurer.
The second one is instead about Butcherblock Mountains and how one of the most common and loved zones of the first EverQuest game has changed.

We have selected a couple of key answers from the two articles:

What can religion do for your character? What kind of choices do you have when choosing one religion over the other ?

Ilucide : Religion is a personal matter for Norrathians. Prayer is done in the home at an altar dedicated to a person's deity. Each deity has a portfolio of areas he or she governs, and grants abilities related to that. The abilities granted are not related to class, nor restricted to a class, but rather are an extension of that deity's abilities. For example, Solusek Ro rules over fire and the sun, so the abilities followers are granted are related to those areas. This means that players may specialize in an area which enhances their class role, or branch out and gain abilities which can enhance their utility in other fields in a pinch.

Each deity's prophet seeks assistance in Faydwer. Assisting them in their endeavours will reward players with more powerful altars, unlocked deity abilities, and cloaks.


How much has changed in Butcherblock since the last time we've seen it in EQLive?

Zaphax: The Butcherblock Mountains remain a dangerous place for young adventurers to travel through. Players of the original EverQuest will recognize several familiar faces such as aqua goblins, emerald drakes and aviak chicks to name a few. However, there are several new creatures that now live in these mountains, some friendly and some not so friendly. The Yarpsnarl tribe of kobolds have emerged from the Underfoot and established several camps which threaten the might of the Irontoe Brigade. Were that not enough of threat, a highly militarized tribe of bugbears, known as the Krulkiel, have established a large camp in the mountains and threaten to dominate the entire region. Will you answer the dwarves' call for help and assist them in defeating these malignant forces?

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