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EVE Online Revelations bug fixing E-mail
Wednesday, 29 November 2006
One day after the deployment of the new expansion Revelations, the EVE Online quality assurance team has started to collect bug reports and complains from the players.
At the moment only minor issues seems to be present, with the exception of a rare serious issue that makes players loose skillpoints after jumping to a system where a node has recently died.
A bug fixing patch is scheduled for the 5th of December. In the meantime here is the known bug list.

  • Wrecks- no distinction between looted and unlooted wreck, inability to rename wrecks in OV, timer for decay needed?
  • Characters 'losing' skills after jumping- this occurs when a player jumps into a system where a node has recently died, something that occured a number of times after the deployment. We are working on a fix for this.
  • Graphics flash when the next system loads after a jump.
  • Patch does not load- usually a symptom of a modified client. If you changed or deleted your splash screen, you need to replace it or install a new full client. EVE Files has been kind enough to host the splash screen.
  • Recon Probe Launcher I modules and BPOs not on the market- known issue, will be patched in on 5 December.
  • Kill mails not being sent?
  • Planet rings flicker through planets, stars sometimes do the same.
  • Moons in new regions not reporting results after being scanned.
  • Bookmarks were not deleted by CCP, players need to delete their own bookmarks. It would have resulted in a much longer downtime for CCP to automatically delete them.
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