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Bioware talks about their MMORPG in production E-mail
Wednesday, 29 November 2006
The December issue of Games for Windows contains a very interesting interview with Gordon Walton, James Ohlen and Rich Vogel of Bioware Austin. The interview is mostly about the upcoming RPG Dragon Age, but some questions and answers gives some insight on what we can expect from the MMORPG they have currently in production.
1Up has cut these answers from the interview.

Here is a small extract from the interview:

GFW: Repetition of the same instances and raid dungeons is a huge part on what constitutes "end-game content" when you reach a level cap in an MMO. What's your plan for end-game content?

JO: We have big plans for end-game content that we can't talk about because it's a major part of our design. We think it's a very important aspect of the game, and we don't want players to be stuck grinding through the same content over and over again -- I know when I hit level 60 in WoW, I pretty much quit. So whatever end-game model we have, it's not going to be that.

GFW: What's the biggest improvement you want to see happen in MMOs?

JO: I'm a huge story guy. I want to play in a world where I feel like I'm reading a good book, where I feel like I'm there. I have lots of fun with World of WarCraft, but it's not because of the story or characters. So if we made characters you could care about and believe in ... that would be huge.

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