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Dofus: Major update in two weeks E-mail
Wednesday, 06 December 2006
On the 19th December 2006 the Dofus players will enjoy another major content update after the acclaimed The Riders of the Dragoturkey released during the first week of October.
Here is the list of features expected to be introduced by this future update.

  • New dungeons that will enable casual players to access rare creatures more easily.
  • New items and new monsters.
  • New “secured” craft system that will enable players to control what a craftsman does.
  • A Craftsmen listing system that will enable the craftsmen to announce to the players they’re active and their position when they are available to practice their profession.
  • The Smithmagic system has been revised.
  • New profession specializations
  • System that will help you sell and buy in Marketplaces thanks to average purchase price indexes.
  • New chat channels to make selling and group search easier.

This update will be online on our test server at the end of the week.
You'll be able to test most of these functionalities on this server.
Moreover, the system “disconnection – connection” will be available for a fist round of tests on this server.

Players selected to test this new version will receive an email together with the necessary details to connect to the test server.
Players are being selected according to their seniority and the absence of sanctions associated to their account.
Feedbacks regarding bugs and problems linked to this update will have to be directly reported to the technical support using the appropriate section.

Another test client containing all the functionalities brought up by the next client update will be available early next week.

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