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EVE Online patch notes for Revelations 1.1 E-mail
Monday, 18 December 2006
Patch Notes for Revelations 1.1

Changes, Fixes and Improvements


  • The Nighthawk's description has been corrected to reflect its actual bonuses.
  • Armor hitpoints are no longer stacking nerfed.

Modules, Weapons and Drones

  • Probe Launchers can no longer be set to auto-repeat.
  • Scan Probes cannot be launched while within the scan range of other scan probes belonging to the same pilot.
  • Selecting 'All Groups' for scan results no longer results in an exception error.
  • The scan strength of drones has been increased to 7.5 for ligth drones, 12.5 for medium and 22.5 for heavy. This only affects for probe scanning as they can not be target jammed.
  • New programming has been added to drones. They will no longer attempt to become self-aware and will not pick random targets on their own.
  • Valkyrie and Hammerhead drones no longer share the same icon.
  • Backup arrays now give a bonus to the sensor type listed in their description. Tech 2 versions now give a 48% bonus.


  • The Salvaging skill requirements have been lowered to Mechanic level 3 and Survey level 3.
  • The Gas cloud harvesting skill book has description changed.
  • The Leadership, Siege Warfare and Skirmish Warfare skill descriptions listed incorrect primary and secondary attributes, these have changed to reflect other skills in the group.

Character Creation and Tutorial

  • Some spelling errors in the descriptions of the Soldier and Prospector specializations have been fixed as have some errors in various tutorials.
  • In the character creation, the Caldari race could appear to be a better racial selection. Skill distributions have been adjusted for racial parity.
  • Slight visualization changes have been made to the Character Creation process.
  • In the tutorial missions, NPCs set to guard or orbit an object will now return to guard their focus object after being destroyed and respawning.
  • Some VERY diligent griefers were able to exercise considerable effort with no gain to spoil the new player experience for new players. This has been resolved.

Corporations and Alliances

  • Corporations can now set their Tax rate anywhere between 0.0% and 100.0%
  • Removed "Jove" and "Pirate" from the list of "allowed member races" on the corp application window. This is merely for posterity and removes confusion for new CEO's.
  • Remotely viewing corporation hangars via the Corporations tab in the Neocom will display the entire list.
  • The Title Management window size has been increased and the layout improved.
  • In some instances, Blueprints were not displayed in the corporation Science & Industry Interface. This has been resolved.

Player Owned Structures and Starbases

  • A Starbase in reinforced mode contributes to Sovereignty.

Missions and NPCs

  • The difficulty for the mission 'Stop The Thief' has been adjusted.
  • A number of missions, including some COSMOS missions, have been added to the game.
  • Mission information windows will warn players if their route to the mission location travels through low security space.
  • Some NPCs in hidden complexes have been made more aggressive.

Market & Contracts

  • Expanded Cargohold I, Shield Boost Amplifier I and Recon Probe Launcher I blueprints have been added to the market.
  • Booster Reactions now have market entries.
  • Gallente and Amarr Encryption method skills have been added to the market.
  • Data Cores and Data Interfaces are now correctly listed under ‘Manufacture & Research -> Materials’ on the market.
  • Contracts involving a ship now use the repackaged volume of the ship, not the assembled volume.

User Interface and Disply

  • The missing 'loot with/without criminal flagging' (yellow and blue respectively) box that should surround wrecks in the overview will be resolved. Until the patch has been deployed, this may be activated by unchecking the 'Apply to Ships Only' option in the Overview settings under the Appearance tab. It might be necessary to change session, or reboot the client for this manual change to take effect.
  • Wrecks that have been inspected no longer have the same icon as wrecks that have not been inspected.
  • An option has been added to the Wreck right click menu to toggle whether the wreck has been inspected or not.
  • You may now right click in space and select active Expeditions from the 'Warp To' list.
  • You can now leave your ship while docked, resulting in you appearing in the station in a pod and your ship in your shipbay.
  • The functionality of the 'Deliver to' feature for remote items has been disabled, as the feature has not been implimented completely. The option is still available for local items.
  • The Map now remembers whether to flatten or remain 3D between uses.
  • In some instances, Overview settings were not retained between client restarts. This has been resolved..
  • When a gang loses its leader, notification will be given in the gang window header.


  • All player owned and item bookmarks within a 25km radius of a station or stargate will be deleted, including itemized Instajump bookmarks. Loading time for players with a large number of bookmarks should decrease drastically.
  • The eight new regions now have moon materials available.
  • New landmarks are no longer clustered together on the map.
  • The client no longer crashes to the desktop when warping to a stargate.
  • Killmails are sent to the killer and the victim.
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