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EVE Online patch notes for Revelations 1.2 E-mail
Monday, 18 December 2006
Patch Notes for Revelations 1.2

Revelations Changes, Improvements and Fixes

Rigs and Salvaging

  • The material amount received from salvaging has been increased based on ship classes, i.e. more salvage material will be received from a battleship than a frigate.
  • The chance of receiving Circuits as salvage material and the quantities dropped have been greatly increased.
  • There is now a visible indication of whether wrecks contain lootable items or not.
  • The wreck container view will close automatically when the wreck no longer contains a lootable item.
  • Inspected and un-inspected Wrecks can be filtered via Overview settings. "Apply to Ships Only" must not be selected in the Overview preferences for this to function.


  • A new probe, the Multispectral Frequency Probe, has been added to the game as a blueprint, and is sold by CONCORD. This probe can only be fitted into a Scan Probe Launcher, once deployed it can scan an entire solar system and generates a report on types of scan frequencies it has detected. The results report will not display locations.
  • All objects located inside deadspace (missions, exploration scenarios, etc.) are now more difficult to find with scan probes.
  • The system scanner no longer forgets its scanning state when the interface is closed.


  • Choosing the sort by title option in the Contract window works as intended.
  • User defined contract titles will display in the main contract list.
  • 'Implants' is now a legitimate search category when creating contracts.


  • An error in the Abaddon's description has been fixed.
  • The Huginn now receives a bonus to heavy assault missile launcher, in addition to heavy and assault missile launchers.

Weapons and Modules

  • The Malkuth Heavy assault missile launcher duration has been increased to be in line with other Malkuth launchers.
  • The volume of Defender missiles has been decreased by half.
  • Session changes with an active Cynosural field are no longer possible.
  • The 'Show Info' description for Signal Distortion Amplifiers have been changed.

Agents and Missions

  • COSMOS agents located in-space cannot be moved away from their assigned posts.
  • Research agent Houvire Takaerne is no longer on vacation.
  • Laser Physics agents will no longer give an error when their requests to purchase datacores are clicked.
  • The Unauthorized Military Presence (lvl 4) mission now contains the proper mission objectives.
  • Various typographical and grammatical errors have been fixed in a number of missions.

Character Creation

  • There was disparity between the "Social" and "Ethnic Relations" skills in the Executive Commander's profession in character creation. New Amarr Executive Commanders receive an extra Social skill level. Caldari and Minmatar Executive Commanders' Ethnic Relations skills have been replaced with two levels of the Social skill.
  • Various spelling & grammatical errors in character creation and the tutorials have been corrected.

User Interface

  • The logon/logoff notification has returned to the bottom right corner.
  • The Procurement skill will have an impact on the stations displayed in the market group "Place Buy Order" or "Buy" windows. Advanced mode is still available by pressing Shift while selecting these windows.
  • EVE mail read/unread status updates properly with the EVE mail interface open.
  • Formats are properly preserved when copying kill mails.
  • An error preventing autopilot route and current location from displaying on the map while docked has been resolved.
  • In certain circumstances while playing in windowed mode, gang broadcast and drone command interfaces would overlap. This has been resolved.
  • Corp Application texts and Corp Description text entry fields can now hold more information.
  • You can now search for alliances and alliance short names in the People & Places tab.


  • The EVE window no longer flashes after a session change.
  • The client of some users would exit to the desktop after loading the splash screen if a registry entry was missing. This has been resolved.
  • Secure containers inside corporation hangar arrays should not cause hangar capacity to malfunction.
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