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DAOC Hotfixes E-mail
Friday, 12 January 2007
From The Camelot Herald : "Here you are, and also please note: The reply bug is now fixed, and no reboot was needed.
To get the fixes, those of you in game will need to log out, repatch, and log back in. Those of you reading this before logging in, please let your friends in game know the good news. Thanks for your patience, everyone."

Dark Age of Camelot 2007-01-11 Hotfixes
  • Eldjenamr, the NPC in charge of the trade-in for the Phoebus Harp in Midgard’s Hall of Heroes will spawn correctly now.
  • Added a Hastener to the front of Castle Sauvage and Druim Ligen so that each realm has a hastener in front of all of their borderkeeps on the realm side.
  • The new chants introduced in 1.87 for Skalds are now castable in combat.
  • Shaman will now properly receive their level 38 Constitution buff and level 35 group damage add.
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