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DAOC: Tester NPC disabled E-mail
Tuesday, 13 March 2007
From the Camelot Herald: The tester NPC that was introduced in 1.87d was disabled over the weekend due to the sheer level of use. The volume was causing distress for the server so we have made a few adjustments to how the NPC handles requests that will preclude the need to spam the NPC with requests.

The values of each of the options have been increased. The new amounts are as follows:

Coin: 500g (previously 50g)

BPs: 5000bp (previously 1000bp)

XP: There are now two options for this: One grants the player a single level worth of experience based on their current level, the other gives the player several levels worth of experience. The option for 'several levels' gives the player roughly five levels worth of experience and mini-dings count as a level in that regard.

RP: There are now options which take the player directly from Realm Rank zero to the realm rank of the player's choice. To prevent spam on the player's end when being granted the Realm Ranks, the options have been split into two groups. If the player is below Realm Rank seven, they will have options to obtain realm points equal to the amount needed for Realm Ranks two through seven. If the player is above Realm Rank seven, there will be options to receive enough realm points to go from Realm Rank seven to Realm Ranks eight through thirteen.

Along with the changes above, we have implemented timers for each option so that a player can only use each option once every two minutes. The timer for each option is separate, so the player can receive one of each option every two minutes.

With these changes it will make the process easier on both the players and our servers. We are glad that players are responding positively to the NPC and hope to see continued support through our testing and future patches. Thanks and enjoy.

In other news, accounts with a level 50 character on Pendragon alone (and no level 50 on live servers) will no longer be able to utilize /level on regular servers.
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