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Neverwinter Nights 2: PRC2 Pack Alpha released E-mail
Monday, 19 February 2007
The Neverwinter Nights 2 Player Resource Consortium has released an alpha version for the PRC2 pack. Highlights include the return of Psionics and of Truenaming, as well as all of the PRC Spellbook classes.
The PRC2 pack at the moment includes 126 new classes, 300+ new spells, several hundred new feats, 60+ new races, Psionics, Truenaming, PnP Crafting, Spellbooks, Domains, and a host of other goodies for players and builders alike.

These are most of the things fixed or updated since Alpha 1. There are some others not listed here, because they are minor in nature.
  • All base class 2das
  • Re-added all conversation files
  • PRC Manifestation Token
  • Dragon Shaman turned off until Strrefs are added
  • Cure Light Wounds potion issue.
  • Monks no longer recieve WF:Longbow at level 1
  • Familiar errors resolved
  • Spellsbooks usable again
  • Aura of Fear restored (Anti-Paladin)
  • Duskblade Recommended Ability Scores fixed
  • PRC Options reenabled
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