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Monday, 05 March 2007
The main content update in the 17.2 version will be a series of new high level boss encounters on Rubi-Ka. Let's give a look at the planned change list.

With the arrival of the orbital battlestations a new arms race has begun on Rubi-Ka. With more weapons than ever before being sent to the planet both sides of the conflict are arming up and preparing for battle.

New military units have been reported as setting up camp in various locations across Rubi-Ka from both the Clans and from Omni-Tek. With an escalation in tensions both sides are eager for their supporters and loyal employees to help subdue these new threats to security.

Gameplay Features

  • Five new Clan boss camps for Omni Players to tackle

  • Five new Omni boss camps for Clan Players to take on

  • Neutral players will be able to fight all of the bosses

  • New Missions will be available that offer rewards for taking down these bosses and their cohorts

Dreadloch Weaponry and Utilities

The military units have been stockpiling new shipments of unique Dreadloch weapons and items that players will be able to secure from defeated bosses.

These will include new Ranged Energy and Grenade based weapons as well as a collection of special Dreadloch modified weapons and some very unique PVP centric engineering based weapons that debuff your target rather then deal direct damage

There are also a great selection of new utility devices like the Dreadloch Aiming Apparatus, Dreadloch Stabilising Aid, Dreadloch Survival Predictor, Dreadloch Damage Amplifier and various models of the Dreadloch Endurance Booster including Nanomage and Enforcer Special editions.

There are also rumours of smuggled contraband neck boards that have been hacked for use by non-sided combatants.

Upcoming Changes

Of course that is not all that will be in the 17.2 Update, while the full provisional update notes aren't available just yet, here are some of the highlights from the changes planned for 17.2

  • The Beast encounter in the Shadowlands will be moved from its current eighteen hour timer to a nine hour one

  • Perk reset timer will be reduced to two hours

  • New items for purchase with Victory Points.

    • New OFAB Helmets that use a new defensive proc system. Wearing the item grants an inherent % chance every time you are hit that casts a short defensive buff.

    • New PVP orientated AMS / DMS transfer nanos for Traders.

    • Extension of the divest and plunder lines for Traders.

    • New PVP orientated damage and healing debuff nanos for Meta-Physicists.

    • New Shield nano for Meta-Physicists.

    • New PVP orientated version of nano shutdown for Meta-Physicists.

    • New init debuff nanos for Bureaucrats.

  • New sign-up terminals for the battlestations placed out to make it easier for people to sign up for the battlestations. The new terminals are found at the following locations:

    • Levels 20-49 Borealis (Main gate).

    • Levels 50-74 Borealis (rear gate).

    • Levels 75-99 Newland (near whompas).

    • Levels 100-124 Newland (Near front gate).

    • Levels 125-149 Outside Newland.

    • Levels 150-174 Outside Newland.

    • Levels 175-199 ICC.

    • Levels 200-209 Unicorn Landing pad.

    • Levels 210-220 Unicorn Landing pad.

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