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Monday, 19 March 2007
The Anarchy Online 17.2 content update has gone live last week. The preliminary patch notes that we published at the begin of the month have been confirmed and can be considered official release notes.
A good news is that we already got a preview for the next coming 17.3 patch.

17.3 Preview - New Shadowlands playfield

The main content update in the 17.3 version will be the release of a new playfield linked to Inferno in the Shadowlands.

Long known as Albtraum by the Yuttos, this previously hidden corner of Inferno has recently been revealed to JOBE scientists. The Yuttos have opened mystical portals in one of their camps that allow explorers to explore this new area, providing you are willing to help them with some tasks.

Gameplay Features

  • New Shadowlands Team instanced playfield: High level players can now access a special new playfield in Inferno

  • Playfield is instanced to your specific team

  • A Quest series will give players a series of repeatable goals inside the playfield.

  • Three seperate types of bosses, mini-bosses during the quest chain, a final boss encounter as well as a series of spawnable pocket bosses

  • New quest and monster loot to be found inside the playfield.

Players will for the first time be able to explore a team locked instance and face the challenges inside on the strengths of their own friends and team mates.

Upcoming Changes

Of course that is not all that will be in the 17.3 Update, here are some of the highlights from the rest of the changes in 17.3

  • Single IPR points can now be purchased from the OFAB vendor for 50,000 VP or from Jobe for 250 million credits

  • The Unicorns are interested in speaking to anyone who has secured the Alien Invasion plans from Sector 42

  • New OFAB Vendor items including new profession rings and new Martial Arts attacks

  • New Bureaucrat calm nanos aimed for use in boss encounters

  • New Bureaucrat pet buff nanos

  • Carlo Pinetti's contract has been renegotiated to be more flexible

  • New MP pet buff nanos

  • New Engineer pet buff nanos

  • Reduced cost of plastic surgery clinic to 25 million credits

  • Bank terminal added to player market buildings

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