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Neverwinter Nights 2: a peek at 1.05 E-mail
Tuesday, 13 March 2007
We finally have a preliminary feature list for patch 1.05. For what we see the updates that the next patch will contain are nothing more than bug fixes, but that's because a bigger and more juicy 1.06 has been announced later. NWN2 Patch 1.05 so has to be considered a stability release before the next important content updates.

The announced list is the following:
1. The NWN2_Scale column in Appearance.2da has been broken into 3 columns (x, y, z)
2. Cleric and Sorc spells sometimes should no longer vanish from Hotbar
3. Characters that are saved when stealthed and have camouflage should no longer crash the server
4. Manyshot should no longer give incorrect bonuses
5. Augment Summoning and Augment Healing should now be selectable
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