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Tuesday, 13 March 2007
The major Neocron update known as Neocron Evolution 2.2 hit the live servers. With this patch the Neocron staff has "completely reworked the base systems like character abilities, game items, PvP and PvE combat and vehicles."

LATEST NEWS: Given the importance of this update, all Neocron 2 inactive accounts have been reactivated for free for 30 days.

1. General 
Q: What is Neocron Evolution 2.2?
A: Neocron Evolution 2.2 is a free update of the unique, action-paced Cyberpunk Sci-Fi MMORPG Neocron 2. With this game update several core systems like skills, combat, NPCs, items and vehicles have received a major overhaul to provide a far better balanced game-play. 
Q: Is there any new content in Neocron Evolution 2.2?
A: Yes, in the course of advancing the Neocron 2 storyline “The death circuit”, new content has been implemented. This includes a brand new high-level PvP dungeon as well as a set of new high-level missions to obtain new game items.  We do not want to spoil your fun about this new content by naming further details and recommend following the storyline by reading the game webzines Neocronicle and Voice of the Resistance for all exciting details.
Q: Are there any new payment methods available with Neocron Evolution 2.2?
A: Yes, we are now offering a new payment method for credit card users via PayPal (PayPal terms and conditions may differ from region to region).
2. Skills & Items
Q: Why have all skill points been released?
A: Due to the substantial changes to the skill system the release of all skill points has been triggered to allow you to redesign your character’s skill setup accordingly. 
Q: Why are some of my items, e.g. implants and armor showing red now and cannot be used by my character anymore?
A: The skill system has received a major rework which has greatly affected many game items such as weapons, implants, armor, etc. In the course of this rework many items have been renamed and requirements as well as item statistics have been adjusted or changed completely.
Q: Some of my implants have changed. Where are my old ones?
A: The old ones in your head may well have new names but are still effectively the same implants. Remember that they will give different bonuses and penalties now. In the case of MC5 implants, the old Synaptic Accelerator and the Hercules CPU will now have 2 versions: pistol bonus OR rifle bonus (whereas the old SA gave both) and melee OR heavy combat bonus (whereas the old Herc gave both).

NOTE: Pre 2.2 characters that possess an old Synaptic Accelerator will find that this will automatically become an "AREA MC5 Distance Projector" which has a rifle bonus. If your character is a rifle user you need take no action. If your character uses pistols and finds that this implant is of no use, you must contact a Senior Gamemaster ingame who will exchange this for an AREA MC5 Close Combat Projector.  The offer to swap these implants will be open for the next few weeks.  
Pre 2.2 characters that possess an old Hercules CPU will find that this will automatically become a melee bonus implant and gives no H-C. If your character is a melee user you need take no action. If your character uses heavy combat and finds that this implant is of no use, you must contact a Senior Gamemaster ingame who will exchange this for an "AREA MC5 Ballistic CPU". The offer to swap these implants will be open for the next few weeks.  
The SGMs' online hours will be announced in the forum. The SGM will be located in Tech Haven. Please DO NOT make ingame tickets about this as you must approach the SGM directly in the specified location during his / her online hours.
Q: I have loads of tech parts of MC5 implants. Can you replace those too? 
A: No. These parts will still be perfectly usable. You may still obtain complete sets to build rifle Distance Projectors and Hercules chips, then the constructed implant may be exchanged by an SGM. Otherwise, you may trade these parts with other players who have the parts you want from MC5 runs after 2.2.
Q: What is this new armor slot for in the armor window?
A: The new slot is the slot in which you now have to drag your power armor or your suit. The regular armor is now being worn under your power armor while suits are being worn under your regular armor like underwear. You cannot wear power armor and suits at the same time.
Q: Why can’t I use my vehicle anymore?
A: In the course of adjusting the vehicle system, the requirements to use a vehicle have been altered. The main skill “Intelligence” is no longer required in return for an increase of the required sub-skill “Vehicle Use”.
Q: Why doesn’t my Tank have any PSI skill anymore? How are we supposed to heal ourselves?
A: In the course of adjusting the class descriptions, the Tank’s ability to use psi powers has been removed in return for a skill cap increase of the main skills DEX and INT by 5 points each. Tanks can use regeneration nanites and medikits to heal. Nanite tools are available from the usual tool vendors.
Q: What advantages do Nanites have over standard PPU spells?
A: Nanites have the advantage that they give other classes besides monks the opportunity for a support role. The next time you cannot find a PPU for a cave run or assistance in an outpost battle, you can call upon a spy or private eye to assist. PPUs will continue to have the advantage of intensity of support, but they will have to work harder and multitask a lot more now with the new range of spells and new casting procedures.
Q: My tank has had his PSYCHIC POWER reset to 0 but I don't have the extra 5 levels in INT and DEX as promised. Why not?
A: Only the skill CAPS have been raised to enable you to gain these extra 10 levels. You must still level your character as usual in these areas. It will be a good opportunity to play with your new weapons and explore new levelling areas.
Q: Why is there no hard skill cap anymore?
A: In the course of reworking the skill system, the hard caps have been exchanged with a soft skill cap system.
Q: Why do i have so much more Health and Stamina than i used to?
A: Caps have been removed from the health, stamina and PSI pools, and the figures are calculated differently. Only the numbers have changed; the way that your health / stamina / psi bar moves remains the same.
Q: Some of my implants/armours are giving skill bonuses of +2.83 instead of +3, why is this necessary?
A: Implant and armour bonuses and penalties may vary depending on their condition. To prevent problems with the rounding up or down of these values, the value of each individual item is displayed very specifically and the sum of all armour / implant bonuses will be rounded down only once when added to your main skills and sub-skills.  For example: 1.4 + 3.2 + 2.6 = 7.
3. Combat
Q: You’ve told us that in addition to balancing the game, you’ve made the mathematics underlying NC2.2  much more transparent and logical.  If that’s the case then I should be able to set up my character much more effectively now.  Prove it!
A: NC2.2 can be configured to explain to you, in a log file, precisely what is going on under the covers.  There is a flag inside the file 'Neocron.ini' that activates or deactivates dumping of your character’s status as well as damage in general.  Note that this feature will impact your performance so we recommend you use it only under controlled conditions, and not in the middle of an outpost fight!
- add: ENABLELOG = "TRUE" to activate this functionality when you want to tune your character.
- add: ENABLELOG = "FALSE" to deactivate this functionality when you’re satisfied.
Q: The auto aim of my APU does not work anymore! What happened?
A: In the course of the balancing project, auto aiming for aggressive PSI modules has been removed. The target has now to be in line of sight and the better you aim with your PSI module the more damage you will cause on the target.
Q. Why can’t my APU use any anti-buff psi modules anymore?
A: In the course of reworking the skill system, the anti-buff psi modules have been moved to the PPU item line.
Q:  Why is it so much harder to damage a monster?
A: In the course of reworking the NPC system, all NPCs have received specific armor that needs to be worn down before the NPC takes health damage. The monster attacks have been reworked too as there is more of a variety of player armour available.
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