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Monday, 19 March 2007
A new Development Uplink from the Planetside staff gives us an idea on what they have been working on this week. We might get a bugfixing patch soon!

Development Uplink

Development has been busy this week taking care of various issues with the update and making sure it's as polished as possible. While it's not the most glamorous thing to discuss it's one of the most important since bugs are never very fun to have in a game. We got some great bug reports and suggestions from players so that helped a bunch in making sure we get these issues straightened out before it hits the live servers.

Speaking of testing and sorting out bugs and gameplay, we're going to have an official play test on Friday which should be fun and very informative. This is probably the first time many of us will see a bunch of deployables used on a battle field by all 3 empires at the same time!

Oh…and one final thing, we have a little movie that showcases the deployables. We'll have that posted tomorrow!

See you on test,
- Raijinn.
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