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Planetside: Advanced Combat Engineering reviewed E-mail
Tuesday, 27 March 2007
The blogger Van Hemlock had the opportunity to try the new Planetside deployables that came with the Advanced Engineering profession. Check out his nice review !

From the article: "The Air Burst Flak mode is a godsend, and should be applied to the wall turrets furthest from the direction of enemy attack. This gun functions much the same as the Skyguard main gun, filling the sky with proximity triggered flak explosions that tear up Mosquitoes and Reavers like tin foil and even give Liberators a good seeing to, at the flight ceiling. Unlike the Skyguard, the turrets have infinite ammo, allowing, say, the disgruntled support-based light infantry person who is usually farmed extensively by hovering machinegundeath, to just hold down the button and go crazy, and with both of the back two turrets set up like this, the air over the base is definitely a no-fly zone."
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