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Monday, 26 March 2007
Something is happening in the world of Norrath: "Within the marble halls of Erudin Palace, whispers can be heard discussing an argument brewing in the Tower of the Crimson Hands. No one can hear what the argument is about, but judging by the depth of the voices, the importance of the subject is obvious. As Gartekel Highton, the head wizard guildmaster, walks up the stairs toward the mastery hall, he recognizes the voices of Ghanlin Skyphire, Josper Kenshed, Whes Nareya and Raskena Djor as they occasionally rise to overpower each other."


"She was a student of yours was she not Ghanlin? How could you not have noticed the insanity glimmering in her eyes? This madness could have been stopped before it got this far," Josper says as he shakes his head.

Whes quickly interrupts, "The point is not when she first began this irrational behavior; It's what we're now going to do about her actions. What are we doing to do?"

Ghanlin turns toward Raskena and says, "Did you manage to get in contact Gartekel yet?" "Aye master, he's on his way to the tower at this very moment," Raskena replied speaking with a soft voice.

Ghanlin spots Gartekel as he turns the corner at the top of the stairs, "Well Gartekel?"

"I'm afraid its just as we thought Ghanlin. Rae`Lizzia Karsyllo has discovered the means necessary to summon massive amounts of creatures from the realms of the unknown. Most of which come from the fiery planes themselves" Gartekel replied as he walks further into the room.

"But that would mean she has obtained the…"

"Aye, it was confirmed. She has the tome and understands precisely how to use it."

"What tome?" Raskena asks while looking toward both men. "Surely you don't mean..." she takes in a deep breath as she gasps.

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