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Wednesday, 11 April 2007
The last week EverQuest update has gone smoothly with no real issues. The update prolonged the Anniversary scavenger hunts, fixed a couple of problems with the Buried Sea and more. Complete patch notes follows.

EverQuest Patch notes

*** Highlights ***
  • The Anniversary scavenger hunts and fabled NPCs will continue to be available until April 16, 2007.
  • Is your EverQuest character a great traveler, a community leader, or do you have a fabled tale to tell? Want a chance to get an item named after your character? Are you "The Fabled Adventurer"? Then show us the tale of your character. Read about The Fabled Adventurer Video Contest on the EQPlayers website.

*** Items ***
  • Changed the name of the fine silk that is used to make the seals for cultural raid augments to fine silk swatch.
  • Changed the name of the human robes that have the name "cuirass" instead of robe.

*** NPC ***
  • Spell caster skeletons in the Buried Sea should now give the correct aggro message.

*** Miscellaneous ***
  • Autojoin now works up to level 75 in The Buried Sea zones and Darkhollow zones.
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur when a member was added to a raid.  This only happened with very large raids.
  • Players are now able to see how much damage they are taking from a DoT when it does its damage. This is also filterable in the Options Windows under Filters under My Damage Over Time.
  • Players with pets will no longer get stuck in combat when charmed. The pet's hatelist is cleared when owner is uncharmed.
  • Campfires will now despawn if the leader removes himself (as the last member).
  • Banners should display the correct guild name when targeted.
  • The tribute timer should no longer go away when zoning.
  • You can now filter the guild banners even when the "Show all" button is not checked in the guild banners management window.
  • Fixed crash bug when trying to display a multi-socketed item.
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