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Etherea: Dark Genesis
ToonTown test server patch E-mail
Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The ToonTown test server has received a patch today:

  • A further fix to a bug that causes animations to not play after landing in Toon Slingshot.
  • Fixed more incorrectly positioned interior signs.


Another test server patch was released on the 24th containing the following updates:
  • Trolley Holiday has now been changed to Trolley Tracks. This will be reflected when the start/end message is sent via Whisper.
  • In the Treasure Dive, picking up the treasure chest and putting it into the ship has been made easier.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of indoor signs inside theater type buildings.
  • During Trolley Tracks, if all Toons left the game save for a new Toon with the Ride a Trolley Toon Task, the Gag purchasing tutorial will play after this Toon reaches the end and is sent to the Gag Shop.
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