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EVE Online patch notes for Revelations 1.4.1 E-mail
Wednesday, 04 April 2007
Patch notes for the Revelations 1.4.1 patch

EVE Voice

  • Echo test your voice in Audio settings window
  • Speaker volume boost added to the Audio settings window
  • Works now as well on Windows-XP and Windows Vista
  • Fix when re-joining the channel you can only "leave audio" and an exception is thrown
  • Chat member lists in delayed mode, now update properly who is talking
  • The unmute message in the Voice chat menu has been fixed.

Microsoft Vista

  • The user does not have to confirm administrative privileges each time EVE is executed


  • German translations have been updated
  • Russian UI has been revoked from the client
  • Introduction movie subtitles are now correct for all languages supported

Missions and dungeons

  • 120 new rookie missions
  • A number of missions and dungeons have been updated as part of the NeedForSpeed initiative


  • Tutorial has been shortened

Drones and Modules

  • Issues with the Stasis Drone Augmentor I & II rigs have been resolved.

NPCs, Deadspace and Missions

  • Some dungeon Federation Navy NPC frigates were piloting Caldari ships. These pilots have received reprimands and now pilot only the Federation's finest ships.


  • The following items should now be available in contract item list:
    • Faction battleship blueprints
    • Goru's Shuttle
    • 'Gallows' Standard Missile Launcher blueprints & modules
    • 'Meditation' Medium Armor Repairer blueprints & modules
    • Medium 'Garrotte' Capacitor Booster blueprints & modules
    • Large 'Outlaw' Shield Booster blueprints & modules
    • 'Citadel' 50mm Reinforced Steel Plates I blueprints & modules
    • Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancers
    • Desperado Spurs

Market and Blueprints

  • Strip Miner I and Ice Harvester I blueprints have been seeded on the market.
  • Stasis Drone Augmentor I rig blueprint have been seeded on the market.
  • Large Energy Transfer II BPO material requirement includes the required Large Energy Transfer I module
  • Certain Pirate factions have gotten their hands on Drug Manufacture and Gas Harvesting skills and are making them available at black market prices for the booster manufacturers

Manufacturing and Invention

  • Bustards are now associated with the Badger MK II for invention purposes as the BPC requirement.
  • The Overdrive II module can now be invented from the Overdrive I.
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