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Thursday, 05 April 2007
Reading Van Hemlock is always a pleasure:

And so the days turn to weeks, and the weeks roll over and over and become churning months and weary years, and WTF??? Q2 2007 already? zOMG! Ultima Online is 10, Everquest and Asheron's Call are 8 and Anarchy Online is 6, and I've played them all, for approximately as long. In spite of this, I'm seem to be showing no signs of growing up, getting a life and transferring my obsessive addictive compulsive tendencies to something more respectable like Playing Golf, Watching Television, or Solitary and Determined Alcohol Abuse.

His post continues talking about the future MMORPGs, the one that he find himself playing in a few months/year.
It is really worth a read.
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