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Dofus patches: 1.18.0 and 1.18.1 E-mail
Thursday, 12 April 2007
The new major Dofus patch 1.18.0 has been released, and soon another small update numbered 1.18.1 has been also made public. The list of new features and improvements is quite big. Here are the complete patch notes for both the updates.


Dofus 1.18.0 Patch Notes

A new zone "Incarnam" is available for beginners and new characters.

There, you will find new monsters, dungeons and many new quests adapted for new players (lower than level 15), and a glimpse at all the professions.

The tutorial has been replaced by a new interactive help system which makes it possible for players to learn how to play while exploring the game. In this area, new items and sets are also available so that initial characters can more easily be better-equipped from the very start of their adventure.

A new channel has been put in place, to help the beginners in this zone. The players outside of Incarnam will be able to read the messages, but won't be able to respond directly, although they will be able to help new players by sending them private messages.


The Forgetfulness Potions for "Perfidious Boomerang" and "Mount Taming" are sold by the NPC Otomaï.

  • The Larvaboots recipe has been simplified.
  • The Akwadala Shield's negative resistance to water as been replaced by a water resistance bonus (shields crafted prior to these changes will not be modified).
  • The first part of the recipe to craft the Dragon Pig Maze Key has been modified.
  • The set bonuses for the Kitsou gear have been increased.
  • The set bonuses for the Koalak gear have been increased.
  • The prerequisites to use the Yondanwa Saber have been simplified, the AP cost is now 5 instead of 6.
Dungeon keys:
  • !The first part of the Dragon Pig Maze Key recipe has been modified.
  • The recipe for the Dragon Pig Maze Key has been simplified
  • The recipe for the Minotoror Maze Key has been simplified.
  • The recipe for the Key to the Minotot Room has been simplified.
The following keys can now be crafted by handymen:
  • Gobball Dungeon Key
  • Blacksmith Dungeon Key
  • Skeletons Dungeon Key
  • Bworker Dungeon Key
  • Pandikaze Key
  • Bulb Cave Key
  • Kitsou Dungeon Key
  • Firefoux Dungeon Key
  • Treechnid Dungeon Key
  • Koolich Dungeon Key
  • Tofu Dungeon Key
  • Lord Crow Dungeon Key
  • Crackler Dungeon Key
  • Bwork Dungeon Key
  • Scaraleaf Dungeon Key
  • Secret Key to the Royal Tofuhouse
  • Field Key
  • Canidae Dungeon Key
  • Key to the Dragon Pig Den
  • Soft Oak Dungeon Key
  • Brakmarian Rat Dungeon Key
  • Bontarian Rat Dungeon Key
  • "Bramble" now has a chance to make a critical hit on the first level.
  • The minimal range of the Ecaflips "Bluff" spell has been increased from 0 to 1. The damage's random nature has been increased on levels 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. The AP cost has been increased from 3 to 4 at level 5. The critical hit damage has been increased. The spell points spent on Bluff will be returned.
  • Minimum damage for the Enutrofs "Shovel Throwing" spell have been increased on levels 1,2,3 and 4.
  • Pandawas will no longer be able to carry friends or foe when they are on their mount.
  • The groups of monsters in the rooms 1 and 6 of the Soft Oak Dungeon have been changed.
  • Damage dealt by the Flying Dreggon's attack has been increased.
  • The Dragostess use of the spells "Flirt" and "Love at First Sight" has been corrected.
  • The Minotot's characteristics have been increased.
  • The experience received from the Pandikaze Warriors has been increased.
  • The number of Hyoactive rats in the Bonta and Brakmar sewers has been increased.
  • The AP loss when attacked by Tikokokos has been decreased.
  • Monsters can now attack properly enemies carrying them.
  • The Soft oak now uses his attacks properly.
  • The Arachnee, Mush Mush, White Gobbly, Black Gobbly, Boar, Larva, Gobball, Moskito, Gobball War Chief, Royal Gobball, Tofus, Wild Sunflower, Evil Dandelion and the Diabolical Rose's look has been improved.
The respawn probability of the following monsters has been increased:
  • Ignilicrobur the Warrior
  • Terrakubiack the Warrior
  • Aeroktor the Warrior
  • Aquabralak the Warrior
  • Aqualikros the Merciless
  • Terraburkahl the Perfidious
  • Ignirkocropos the Famished
  • Aerogoburius the Malicious
  • You'll now be able to buy and sell pickaxes and scythe in the Marketplace.
  • New item categories are available in the resource marketplace: Legs, Wings, Eggs, Ears, Eyes, Jelly, Shells, and Carapace.
  • A new item category is available for the lumberjacks: Buds.
  • A new transporter to the Imp village is now available from Sufokia, the Wabbit island and Moon island.
  • You are now asked confirmation before unlearning a profession with the use of a potion.
  • Banks have been added in the Breeder village and in Sufokia.

New rules for characters' and guilds' names:

The name of new characters created will obligatorily have to respect the following rules:
  • Names must be at least 2 characters long. (example of wrongdoing: "Y")
  • Names must be a maximum of 20 characters long.
  • Spaces are not authorised in your name.
  • Your name may hold only one dash. (Example of wrongdoing: "---A-e-i-o-u-y---")
  • The first and last char cannot be a dash. (Example of wrongdoing: "-yoy" and "yoy-")
  • Names must start with a capital letter. (Example of wrongdoing: "smallcapsrock")
  • Names (without a dash) cannot hold more than one capital letter (example of wrongdoing: "ManWhatRtheOdDs".
  • The char following a dash can have a capital letter, like this Would-Be ok.
  • Names cannot Finish with a capital letter. (Example of wrongdoing: "Roberta-K")
  • Names cannot hold the name of a class. (Example of wrongdoing: "Iop-strongstrong")
  • Names must hold at least one vowel. (Example of wrongdoing: "Sdkkkkll")
  • Names cannot hold more than two consonants in a row. (Example of wrongdoing: "Bizzz")
The names of newly created guilds will obligatorily have to respect the following rules:
  • Guild names must be at leat 2 characters long.
  • Guild names must be a maximum of 30 characters long.
  • Spaces are authorised in guild names.
  • The letter follwing a space or a dash can be a capital, like "This Guild-Name Would Be Ok"
  • Guild names without spaces or dashes cannot hold more than one capital. (example of wrongdoing: "ThisGuildNameIsNotOk")
  • Guild Names Must Start With a Capital. (Example of wrongdoing: "look At The First Word")
  • The first and last char cannot be a dash. (Example of wrongdoing: "-The wicked-")
  • Guild names cannot end with a capital. (Example of wrongdoing "Guild-K")
  • Guild names must hold at least one vowel. (Example of wrongdoing "Sdkkll")
  • Guild names cannot hold more than 2 consonants in a row. (Example of wrongdoing: "Luvvv").
  • a new name generator which follows these ruleshas been introduced

Dofus 1.18.1 Patch Notes

  • The trailer is not hidden by the user interface..
  • Problems with the music were solved:
  • The music doesn't play when you deactivate the option in the menu.
  • It doesn't stop randomly anymore.
  • Minor Interface glitches have been fixed.
NOTE: If you encounter any of these problems :

  • Fights music still playing while leaving fight mode;
  • Global music still playing during fight mode;
  • Boone doesn't disappear and reappear too often;
  • Unusable spells on the moveable shortcut bar;
  • Tofus are too quiets and didn't whine when hitted;
  • French text on the last frame of the introduction trailer while playing in English;
  • The fights-list eye remaining displayed while fighting, blocking the melee button;

Can download again and reinstall the full 1.18.1 version from the official community website to fix these issues.


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